Motorola Droid Pro+ Produces Unreadable Video and Photos

Normally the Motorola Droid Pro+ Camcorder application will produce MP4 video files. Normally, the Camera will produce standard JPG images. These files are accessible as such from within the phone’s Gallery application or Files to be viewed. When you connect the phone via USB though, these files are unreadable.

When SD Card encryption is enabled (Location & security settings – Data encryption – Storage encryption), these files are borked in such as way that they are accessible on the phone itself. Nowhere else.

Here is how I found that the phone behaves:

  • anything on the SD card prior to enabling SD encryption remains unencrypted
  • anything put on the SD card from the outside will not be encrypted
  • anything generated by the phone will be encrypted
  • disabling encryption will not decrypt the content
  • accessing the phone via USB does not give unencrypted access

To get your pictures and videos off the phone, you need to disable data encryption, copy or zip the files from within the phone on the SD card, and then connect via USB to copy them off. Moving the file around the SD card will not decrypt them.