Apple SuperDrive not showing blank discs

Apple’s SuperDrive is able to burn data to a blank CD or DVD. No need for special software, Finder can do it for you. Except if you’ve told it not to.

See here how to resolve the issue of the blank media not showing up in Mac OS X Finder, or “Burn XYZ to Diskā€¦” telling you there is no disc despite there being one.

Some articles state that you need to reset the SMC, and when you then reboot, the drive will re-appear. This did not resolve my problem though.

The issue I found that is you tell Mac OS X to do nothing when you insert blank media, it will literally do nothing.

Go to System Preferences, and select CDs & DVDs

If you’ve told the OS to Ignore blank media, it will literally do just that: nothing. The media will not be visible or writable, even from Disk Utility.

Set it to Open Finder, and the blank media will become visible in Finder.