How To Wipe a BlackBerry Key2

Recently my BlackBerry BF100-6 Key2 was behaving very strangely – apps and OS crashing randomly. It got to the point where it would only boot to a black screen. I could still get into the BootLoader though. So I tried wiping and re-installing the OS. This is how I did it.

Download and install the BlackBerry USB driver.

I used the one that came with the Mobile Update Tool for the KeyOne. The Mobile Update Tool cannot update a Key2 [1], but the USB driver seems to be compatible.

Download the Mobile Update Tool from

That’s taken from [2].

Alternatively, what you probably should be using, according to this article [3], is the dedicated USB driver found here [4]. But I didn’t try that.

Since the Mobile Update Tool can’t update the Key2, I ran it once just to see how it cannot do what I need it to, and to get a second opinion as per [1] 🙂

Then you’ll need the latest OS version, which for my BF100-6 Key2 is ACQ160. As per [5] you can find it here:

Unpack/unzip the KEY2_ACQ160_all.7z file into a directory.

Use a USB cable to connect the BlackBerry to your computer.

Now run flashall.bat from the directory where you unpacked the autoloader files.

Now, whilst your phone is connected to your computer, and flashall.bat is wait for a device, put your BlackBerry into fastboot mode: power off the phone. Then power it back on, but hold the power button and volume down button together. The BlackBerry Bootloader Menu will be shown. Click the volume down button until you get “Reboot into fastboot.” and press the power button to confirm.

Let the update complete. The above only shows the beginning of the process. It should end like this:


Disconnect the BlackBerry and power it back up – it should come back and a brand new device.


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