Author: Leif

Sync NextCloud Files on the Command Line

nextCloud and ownCloud having the same codebase, you can use the nextCloud command line client. Fetch the owncloud repository key: wget -nv -O Release.key Add the owncloud repository key: apt-key add Release.key Remove the key file: rm Release.key Add the ownCloud repository to your sources: echo 'deb /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list Add https as

Raspberry Pi Assembly Workshop

My workshop notes for a group of kids who assembled their Raspberry Pi with me and got it to a useful state. We start with Raspbian Lite, do some basic configuration on the command line, and then add the graphical user interface on-top. There are three parts to this workshop: i) assembly of the hardware

Microsoft Defending Data Privacy

In 2013 Microsoft were issued a Search and Seizure Warrant for data associated with an e-mail address. Microsoft’s GCC (Global Criminal Compliance) team responded with data that was collected from US systems, but refused to disclose data that was located on servers hosted by an Irish Microsoft entity on systems physically located in Ireland. Microsoft

Pass phrases, not pass words

People choose outrageously simple passwords for their web mail. Perhaps because they don’t care about the accounts these passwords protect, or because a standard from 1985 has conditioned us to use bad passwords. Yet a better way has existed for just as long.