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Switch It Off and On Again

The attack code that was used against UkrEnergo’s industrial control systems, which in turn lead Kiev loosing power, is so well written, so modular, that Dragos suspect that it was only a proof of concept. Information Systems Security Partners agree the attackers are only testing their techniques. No matter, this high-tech attack has a low-tech

DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Highlights

Bot driven vulnerability detection, automatic patching by bot, and automated reverse engineering from sniffed traffic: DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge shows us where information systems’ security is heading tomorrow, today. Watch the 10 minute summary of their 2016 capture the flag contest.

Mac OS X Spaces that cannot be removed

If your desktop becomes cluttered with open app windows, you can use Spaces to organize the windows into groups. Some Apps create a new Space automatically when you switch to full-screen view. The trouble is, sometimes you cannot delete or remove these Spaces, even when the App has stopped running.

Transmission on CentOS 7 with no GUI

Want to run a bittorrent client on CentOS Linux 7? Here’s how. There are two tricks to bear in mind: i) you’ll need to add a library manually, ii) Transmission is now maintained on GitHub. First, you’ll need to add the EPEL repository: yum install epel-release yum -y update Once that is done, add the

Asterix on Information Security

The social commentary of Asterix comic books completely eluded me when I was a child. Reading the newest volume, “Le Papyrus de César”, I was surprised to find the authors directly addressing information security issues (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) in no uncertain terms.

scp in a chroot jail

This guide is for allowing a user to login via SSH and/or use scp to copy files to a system. I’m on CentOS 7 and most of the documentation I found does not address this particular situation. They either use jailkit, which is not available in the stock repository for CentOS 7, or incorrectly declare

Make a bootable SD Card for Raspberry Pi

Instructions how to make a Raspbian bootable SD card for Raspberry Pi. Download the most recent version from Raspberry Pi, via their general page, or direct link. Insert the SD Card into your laptop. It must be a single partition volume, formatted FAT32. Run mount to see where the SD card is. You can see