SquidMan for web proxy

Using an SSH Tunnel to get access to your home machine is easy. Use SquidMan to install and manage squid, the open source HTTP/web proxy. This beats using an anonymous proxy, since you know who is doing what with the log data. Download and install SquidMan.

Internet Proxy and a Trusted Shell

Whilst out and about, using other people’s Internet access (companies, train stations, cafĂ©’s, and the like), you may not want your Internet surfing to be seen to the network who is hosting you. Or, you may need a shell account on a machine that you own and trust. Or, you may have specific services (bitmining

Reversing Apple’s TrackPad

Using the Trackpad from Apple is great. The upwards slope can be somewhat of a strain on your wrist though. In that case, turning it around, to have it slope down, away from your wrist, means you no longer need to strain your wrist to get your fingers up. The full explanation and credit go

Nokia Versus iPhone Headphones (In)Compatibility

I had bought a lovely pair of Sennheiser MM70i and AfterShokz Mobile headphones. That I would have loved to use with my Nokia. But the audio is terrible: no bass and the treble is all distorted. Suspecting that the pins must be mapped differently, I went and sought clarification. Surely enough, Nokia maps the microphone