How To Wipe a BlackBerry Key2

Recently my BlackBerry BF100-6 Key2 was behaving very strangely – apps and OS crashing randomly. It got to the point where it would only boot to a black screen. I could still get into the BootLoader though. So I tried wiping and re-installing the OS. This is how I did it. Download and install the

Remote for OMXPlayer

I use a Raspberry Pi to watch movies on my TV with OMXPlayer, but wired full-sized keyboards make for terrible remotes. That’s why I got an MX6 from Rii. The MX6 is just another keyboard to the Raspberry Pi. On the front it is a remote, and on the back a keyboard, but either way

Clock Drift on Debian under VirtualBox

I installed a minimal Debian 10 as guest on a MacBook Pro under VirtualBox 6.1 and noticed that the clock would drift – at lot. After being up a couple of hours it was almost an hour slow. Whether using systemd-timesyncd, ntp , or ntpd -gq all would give the same result: the clock would

Portable Trusted Encryption

For when you need to e-mail a sensitive information or safely store a file somewhere, use encryption. Most encryption/decryption requires dedicated tools, for which the source code may or may not be available, which may be available on Microsoft, but not Apple, or vice versa. There is a simple solution: OpenSSL. Trusted open source, available

Calendrier de scènes de rue japonaise

Reprise partielle du site de Paul O’Leary McCann, traduit en français. En 1885 Takejiro Hasegawa commença de produire une série de livres “chirimen”, dont, après impression, les feuilles des pages sont pliées en papier crêpe. Recueillant principalement des fables, quelque calendriers ont aussi été réalisées. Ce calendrier de 1901 sera valable en 2019 car les